The Amount Of Tweets Last Night About Jon Snow's Arse Needs To Be Discussed

The Amount Of Tweets Last Night About Jon Snow's Arse Needs To Be Discussed

As anyone who watched the Game of Thrones season finale can attest to, there was a lot of shit that went down in Westeros in that one hour and 20 minutes of television. I mean we had an ice breathing dragon, we had Cersei threatening to kill both her brothers, we had a wight in King's Landing, Littlefinger getting his comeuppance and the truth about Jon Snow's parentage but it would seem something else caught everybody's attention.

Yea, Jon and his aunt Danny finally banged and viewers bore witness to the sight of the King in the North's arse. An arse that launched a thousand tweets.


There's so many. And they are just some of the 'arse' tweets, when you search 'Jon Snow ass' or 'Jon Snow butt' it's even worse.

Now here's the million dollar question: did that posterior really belong to Kit Harrington? After all he used a butt double in season three. Although that was because he had a broken ankle at the time so who knows what the story was, now that he's in full health.

Will the arse play a more prominent roll in the final season? Does Jon Snow ever fart and if he does would he be capable of lying about it and say it wasn't him? Was the arse always that hairless or does he veet? Will it get its own spin-off series? These are the questions that need to be answered my friends and if predictions are correct, we may have to wait until 2019 to find answers.

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Mark Farrelly

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