Amy Schumer Left A Huge Tip For This Waitress & Proves She's Amazing

Amy Schumer just gets better and better. Not only is she hilarious, gorgeous and intelligent, but it turns out she's also generous as fuck. Whatever, we're not jealous at all...


Schumer was in NYC seeing the musical Hamilton on Broadway and went for a few drinks with her friends after. The drinks came to $77.00, but rather than adding on the usual 15%, Amy tipped $1,000. Yep, you read that right...she left a tip of a grand for the waitress who was serving her.


Madeleine DeJohn, said waitress, posted a picture of the receipt on Instagram to prove that it was in fact true.


And then @amyschumer comes into your work and does something amazing #hamilton #amyschumer

A photo posted by Madeleine DeJohn (@madeleinedejohn) on


According to Jezebel, Schumer said "I've been there" to Madeleine. Way to be an absolute legend Amy!


Video: Amy Schumer Cracks up the Crowd at Glamour's Women of the Year Awards

Credit: Glamour Magazine.

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