Ariana Grande Releases Music Video For Song About Pete Davidson Break-Up

Ariana Grande Releases Music Video For Song About Pete Davidson Break-Up

For the majority of people, the journey charted by a break-up follows a similar enough path. There will be a period of immense personal sadness and - depending on the length of the relationship - a two to four week window where your friends will tolerate hearing your maudlin musings on what went wrong and how you would do anything to have your ex back. This time will also overlap with a period of extensive comfort eating, traditionally followed by a flurry of self-determination to go on a diet and hit the gym so as to make yourself as sexually appealing as possible to 1) rebuild your self-confidence and 2) ideally make your ex jealous.

If however, you are an internationally renowned pop-star currently embroiled in an incredibly public break-up from an evidently incredibly impassioned, if short-lived relationship, you have several other options at your disposal for dealing with things. Ariana Grande, to help process her break-up with comedian Pete Davidson has penned a song, called 'thank u, next' in which she systematically goes through each of her exes in a sort of musically backed pros-and-cons list.

While the song itself was released two days ago, she has just released a music lyrics video for it which features a suitably weird run through of the lyrics in a style reminiscent of hostage notes.


I can genuinely think of no greater single reason to avoid ever dating a musician than the prospect that when you inevitably break-up they are sure to write some sort of derisory song, which comprehensively outlines your myriad personality faults. I would emotionally capsize and it is for that reason Ariana, that we can never be together.

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Rory McNab

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