Ariana's Latest Tattoo Has A Disastrous Translation Error

Ariana's Latest Tattoo Has A Disastrous Translation Error

Ariana Grande's latest tattoo has turned out to be a complete disaster, with the Japanese translation not being exactly what she thought.

Ariana took to Instagram to show off her fresh ink to her fans. The tattoo is a series of Japanese characters that intended to translate to '7 Rings' as an ode to her new hit single that has broken all kinds of records you could think of.

Soon after the singer posted her new tatt, her Japanese speaking fans, in their millions, tweeted Ariana to let her know that the translation doesn't actually say what she thought..

The actual translation is 'SHICIRIN', which roughly translates to be a Japanese style BBQ grill.

Ariana Grande has 'Japanese style BBQ grill' written on her HAND. Just let that sink in.


You'd think these celebrities would double check what they're marking on their bodies.

Ariana took to Twitter to explain the mishap. Apparently, she's missing one character on her hand that would make the translation into '7 Rings', but because of where it is on her palm, it was extremely sore and she dropped one (very needed) character to get the job done faster as she couldn't bear it. This tweet was soon deleted.

Well, now she'll have to pair having 'Japanese style BBQ grill' written on her hand for the rest of her life.

She then went on to explain that this part of your hand peels quite quickly so she won't be waiting long until she will have to redo the job anyway.

Let's hope this time she doesn't drop a different character that leads to some other mad translation.


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