9 Irish Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow If You Love An Aul Stalk

9 Irish Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow If You Love An Aul Stalk

I don't know about you but I'm obsessed with social media. Over the past few months we've done two lists about hilarious Snapchatters you need to follow and we thought, since Instagram is hijacking Snapchat, we'd do a list for Instagram too! It's about time you all knew who to be following on Instagram and we're starting off this new list with 9 of the best Irish Instagrams to follow:

1. The Hunreal Issues - @thehunrealissues

The Hunreal issues give you all the social justice info you need to know on a hun level -  waffle free basically. Not only do they give you straight up facts but they make serious issues relatable and funny *round of applause*.

2. Conor Mc Gregor - @thenotoriousmma

You'll never know what they the Notorious Mc Gregor will put up on his Insta and that's the best part. Life's about taking risks right?


3. Mark Duggan - @mrkdggn

Duggan is a photographer who takes candid pictures of people and places around Ireland. Follow him if you've moved away from home and need some Irish reminding on the daily.



4. Nikita - @youronenikita

The Facebook legend Nikita and author of  "How To Be Massive" Aoife Dooley has her own Instagram and it's top notch entertainment.

5. Doireann Garrihy - @doireanngarrihy


The funniest lady on and off the radio, Spin 1038 presenter Doireann is not only great at doing impressions on Snapchat but she writes a fair few puns under her insta pics. She loves taking "tzime" out of her busy schedule to make us laugh and she's just deadly.

6. Amy Huberman - @amy_huberman

The soundest actress in Ireland has her own Instagram and she's absolutely gas.


7. Feca Lanfredi - @fecanes

Feca Lanfredi is a Dublin based tattoo art who will inspire your next tattoo. If you want to book an appointment with Feca he works from Dublin Ink.

8. Aubrey O' Mahony - @aubreyomahony

The Irish lad has modeled for some big name fashion houses and has remained an average lad throughout. If you need a laugh follow Aubrey immediately.


9. James Kavanagh - @jamesalankavanagh

Last but never least is, of course, the Princess Di of Snapchat himself, James K. We couldn't not put James on this list. If you love his Snapchat then you'll love his Instagram. G'wan! Give him a follow.

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