7 Must-Watch Netflix Shows That Have 100% On Rotten Tomatoes

7 Must-Watch Netflix Shows That Have 100% On Rotten Tomatoes

There's no denying that television has become the holy grail of entertainment and with streaming taking over the world, the majority of the best shows around are at our fingertips, ready to be binge-watched to pieces. Let's be honest, Rotten Tomatoes has become everyone's way of knowing whether or not that show is really worth watching.

The review-aggregation site was launched in 1998 by three undergraduate students. Now, if a movie or tv show is not over that 75% RT rating, do we even want to know? That said many films of our favourite films do we love that have an RT rating below 50% - but our enjoyment is on a very different level. The First Wives Club, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Reign Of Fire, Space Jam, Saw and Hook all have ratings below 50% but that was way before the influence of the RT scale.

Thanks to Digital Spy, the best modern Rotten Tomato shows have been revealed and some of them are on Netflix. While you wait for your regular fixes to return, here's another seven shows for you to sink your teeth into:

1. Happy Valley

2. Chewing Gum


3. Jane The Virgin

4. Master Of None


5. White Collar

6. Review


7. Catastrophe

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