Is Coronation Street's Sex Grooming Reveal Socially Helpful Or Just Gratuitous?

Is Coronation Street's Sex Grooming Reveal Socially Helpful Or Just Gratuitous?

If any of you have been watching Coronation Street you'll know about the relationship between Bethany, Gail Platt's granddaughter, and her dodgy boyfriend Nathan. For those of you who don't know Nathan has been grooming Bethany into becoming a sex worker over the last couple of months. Here are all the details about the climactic end to Bethany and  Nathans storyline:

                                                                         *SPOILERS BELOW*

Lucy Fallon, the actress who plays Bethany, spoke to the Radio Times and discussed the possibilities of the storyline and how the gang rape may or may not play out:

"Nathan directs her towards a room with three of his mates where it looks like she's going to be raped...She knows what's happening to her isn't right because she doesn't want to sleep with these men.  But she can't see it as though she's being raped because she can't see past her love for Nathan."

The trailer, below, reveals that her family may be about to save her from the ordeal.

Bethany is only supposed to be 17 in the soap and Lucy describes her naivety about her relationship with Nathan and the situation:

"She’s mortified that they can see what’s been going on, but she still won’t accept that Nathan’s done anything wrong...She’s not listening to anything that the Platts are saying to her and she refuses to believe any of it...An important part of portraying this storyline is that a lot of survivors of grooming and sexual exploitation say that they still couldn’t see what was happening to them until a long time after it had been exposed."

Lucy revealed she met with survivors of women who are groomed into sex work to research the role:

"One girl who we met with was really open with her story and it really opened my eyes to see how this can happen to anyone. Her story was horrific and if I’m ever having a tough day I think back to her story and remember this isn’t happening to me, I’m just acting it out. So I need to man up and do it justice for her."

The storyline has been praised by viewers for highlighting the seriousness of the issue. Although, some have questioned whether or not the storyline does anything to help women and men come forward as one of the police officers in Corrie is working with Nathan. Fans of the show have been questioning and praising the storyline over on Twitter:

Childline have spoken about the positive impact the storyline has on highlighting these issues, with service manager Anna Krala telling OK! Magazine:


'We are so grateful to Lucy for taking the time to come and see the vital work we do at Childline.'

'The service is a lifeline for children who have nowhere else to turn which is why our volunteers are so important to us and to the young people they help.'

Young people can contact Childline 24 hours a day on 1800 66 66 66 or at www.childline.ie  for free support.

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