13 Boybands Irish Girls Were Obsessed With In The 2000's

13 Boybands Irish Girls Were Obsessed With In The 2000's

Posters, dolls, and t-shirts were just some of the memorabilia from the height of the boy band era. Everywhere, girls stood outside hotels, screamed at their concerts and generally went insane for boy bands who became a phenomenon of the 2000's. Here are 13 of the boy bands Irish girls were obsessed with.

1. Westlife

The creme de la creme of Irish boy bands, Westlife are one of the most successful boybands of all time. The hysteria around these lads was like the Beatles. Pity Louis Walsh was their manager though. The band continued their success post-Brian Mc Fadden and released new music until they broke up.

2. Boyzone

The legendary Irish group first appeared practically in the nip on the Late Late Show back in the 90's. Gaybo didn't know where to look. The lads went on to have global success until the death of member Steven Gately. RIP Steven.


3. Take That

After massive success in the 90's the band broke up soon after Robbie left. The band reunited in 2006 with Patience and have been going strong ever since.


4. Mc Fly

The band was every alternative girl's favourite. The band tried to crack America and even appeared in films like Just My Luck with Lindsay Lohan.

5. 5ive

The fivesome was originally managed by the same company who managed the Spice Girls. They racked up 3 number ones before disbanding in 2001. The group reunited for ITV's The Big Reunion as a quartet.


6. *NSync

The band had a massive career before breaking up. They are considered one of the best boy bands of all time. Justin Timberlake went on to be a solo superstar and brought sexy back.


7. Blazin' Squad

Their debut single Crossroads was released back in 2002. The group were dropped by the record label in 2009 after releasing their Greatest Hits compilation.

8. A1

The group caused a stampede that killed four people in Indonesia at the height of the boy band madness.



9. Blue

In 2004 the group announced their hiatus and came back together in 2011 to represent the UK in the Eurovision. Blue worked alongside superstars like Lil' Kim and Elton John.


10. Backstreet Boys

With sales of over 130 million, the Backstreet Boys are the best-selling boy band of all time. The boys are working on their 9th album and will have a Las Vegas residency show called Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life. Anyone up for getting tickets?

11. Busted


The band broke up back in 2005 when Charlie decided to focus on his other band Fightstar. After a brief stint with Mc Fly as McBusted, Charlie rejoined the group and the trio have gone on to release their new album Nightdriver.  We'll always remember the first time we heard this song.

12. Another Level

The band had a string of hit singles in the late 90's. Member and soloist Dane Bowers joined ITV's The Big Reunion and became a band alongside Gareth Gates. Brownie points if you remember Bowers song with Victoria Beckham.


13. Friday Hill

3 members of Blazin' Squad Stryder, Flava and Kenzie formed Friday Hill after the split of Blazin' Squad. Check out the hilarious video below.


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