College Professor Shames Students With Ludicrous Coffin Prank

College Professor Shames Students With Ludicrous Coffin Prank

Motivation can come in many forms. I find my go to, a hearty thumbs up, can bolster anyone's confidence to the extent that they feel braced to deal with any scenario they're presented with; from say preparing for a date, all the way up to being prepared to dash into a burning building to rescue an elderly hound. Yet sometimes, a thumbs up is not enough. Sometimes, to truly show that someone needs to pull their finger out before getting back in the thick of things - ideally, having washed their finger - it takes a man renting a coffin and pretending to be dead to properly get their point across.

Well, that is exactly what a particular college professor has done to highlight his students' disappointing test scores. A Twitter user, named merely as 'Mario', posted a photo to his account of his college professor nestled in a, presumably rented coffin, to emphasise that his classes test scores had him 'dead'.


Perhaps the most surprising thing about all this is that the college professor in question bears what some might describe as a striking resemblance to Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams. However, I would contest that the reality of the situation is that this is actually Gerry Adams and he has been leading a double life and is lecturing students in this, as yet, unnamed module that Mario has alluded to. Either that or this man has been so heavily inspired by the dashing sartorial verve of Gerry Adams that he has based his entire image around a man who, in turn, seems to be an ultra-nationalist anthropomorphised badger.

The burning question here appears obvious. Where can you just rent a coffin from? Surely there is very little demand, if any at all beyond this incredibly over-zealous professor, for such a service? One can only hope that his classes test scores pick up lest he ends up bankrupt striving for ever more extravagant ways of highlighting their myriad inadequacies.

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Rory McNab

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