The 9 Most Memorable TV Kisses Of All Time

The 9 Most Memorable TV Kisses Of All Time

Who remembers their first kiss? If anything it was probably a snotty disaster. It's International Kissing Day so we've decided to go back in time and open the vault of controversial kisses that made the world gasp - well, some of them.

If it wasn't for celebs trying to be shocking or TV shows finally breaking the mould, we wouldn't have a lot of these iconic and controversial kisses. Here are nine times the shift was too much for people to handle:

The Madonna, Britney and Christina Kiss

The world was never the same after this pop trio shifted on the MTV stage. Religious fanatics the world over were clutching their rosary beads after witnessing 'lesbianism' on television. Most people felt Madonna was just sweating for the attention.

The Virgin Wedding Kiss


We have no words.

The 'First' Kiss

Everyone waited with baited breath to see Rachel and Ross finally kiss in 1995. Ross fancied Rachel throughout high school and Rachel only felt the same once Ross started dating Julie. The episode "The One Where Ross Finds Out" first aired over twenty years ago.


The 'Upside Down' Kiss

Only Spiderman could ever truly master this tricky manoeuvre. Tonnes of people have tried to replicate the iconic kiss on social media, but even Toby Maguire himself confessed the struggle of trying to kiss somebody upside down: "There was rain pouring up or down my nose. I couldn't breathe and I was gasping for breath out of the corner of Kirsten's mouth". 

The 'Most Awkward Eurovision' Kiss


Never before has someone been so harshly rejected on the international main stage.

The 'Communist' Kiss

Watch this beautiful compilation of the iconic moment when German politician Erick Honecker and Soviet Union leader Leonid Brezhev, kissed each other. The kiss is called a 'socialist fraternal kiss' and is memorialised in pop culture. Most importantly, this moment proves that l-o-v-e conquers all.


The 'Always Meant To Be' Kiss

The biggest controversy over the ending of Sabrina The Teenage Witch was whether or not she'd end up with Aaron or Harvey. We always knew Sabrina was meant to be with Harvey and when he gave her that bracelet it was too much for any of us.

The 'Klaine' Kiss


After episode upon episode of torture for Glee fans, Kurt finally kissed his crush, Blaine. The kiss stole the spotlight away from the introduction of the show's first batch of original songs. The show was one of the first to have an openly gay teen romance. Everybody say "awww!".

The 'I Thought She Dropped Into The Ocean At The End' Kiss

The most iconic and unrealistic of love stories is Titanic's Rose and Jack. Yes, she might be hanging over the side of a ship being held by her one true love and serenaded by Celine Dion but Kate, let me ask you this: why didn't you hold onto Jack when he tried to cling onto that doorway for dear life? Two words: Double standards.

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