Couple Stopped By Airport Security After They Pack Pet Cat In Hand Luggage

Couple Stopped By Airport Security After They Pack Pet Cat In Hand Luggage

Who among us can't say that they - at some point in their lives - haven't tried to, either intentionally or accidentally, ferry an animal across an international border. Whether it taking a Tupperware full of bees to continental Europe on a ferry; crossing the North-South border in a Ford Fiesta stuff to the gills with frog spawn, or indeed, I had the displeasure of knowing a man who once tried to - and I shall euphemistically use this phrase - 'internally smuggle' five gerbils through an airport. He managed to get them through to his destination - Leeds Bradford Airport - but, it transpired that all but one of the gerbils had perished, and frankly, you could tell from the look in the eyes of the one that did survive that it wished it had died too. Or simply - as in this case - accidentally finding that your cat has crawled into your hand luggage whilst you were packing for a trip to Manhattan.

Such is the situation that Nick and Voirrey Coole found themselves in while attempting to pass through an airport. They presumed that their luggage was in compliance of international aviation regulations ie. did not contain any undeclared cats; but alas, it turned it not to be, ie. it contained an undeclared cat.

The couple was traveling through the Isle Of Mann Airport and, as they passed through security, they were ushered aside by concerned members of staff. Who told them that as the bag was being scanned they discovered what appeared to be a cat inside.

The cat, named Candy, had apparently crawled inside their bags while they were packing without their realising it. The airport staff, upon realising that it was a genuine error, and not some artisanal operation to smuggle cats around the world - helped get the cat home so the couple wouldn't miss their flight.


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