Freaking Out About What To Do After College? Here’s A Great Option For Tech Grads

Freaking Out About What To Do After College? Here’s A Great Option For Tech Grads

Regardless of whether you are a final year student becoming all too aware of the rapidly approaching end of your college days, or an excited first year enjoying the novelty of college, you will undoubtedly spend at least some time considering what might come next. If you are not, be warned, at some point during your final year, you will suddenly wake in a cold sweat following some alarming nightmare whereby a series of awful life choices lead to you becoming a very underwhelming children's birthday entertainer. The fear of this thought will galvanise you to start considering what on earth you actually want to do with your future.

With the nature of the job market so rapidly fluctuating, it can be difficult to imagine what area might interest you when you finish college, let alone what type of role you'd like to specialise in. Anyone weighing up a career in tech will be spoiled for choice with a plethora of large multinational companies having either established bases, or significantly expanded their operations, in Dublin over the last 10 years.

However, for students with a love of technology there are few companies that provide a graduate programme as comprehensive and diverse as that of Vodafone. There are myriad opportunities for those with a love for all things tech to turn their passion into their profession through the Vodafone Graduate Programme.

Candidates who are successfully accepted into the graduate programme will be able to experience numerous different aspects of the company through the system of rotational placements utilised by Vodafone.

How Does The Programme Work?

When applying for the Vodafone Graduate Programme, you can submit your CV into either the 'commercial stream' or the 'technology stream'. The commercial stream is suited to those with a strong interest in marketing, finance, and numerous other key areas. This stream will involve successful applicants completing nine month placements in two of a number of relevant departments.

The technology stream differs slightly in that it offers successful candidates the chance to work across three different departments during three six-month placements. This system ensures that candidates are afforded the best possible opportunities to develop their own skill sets, regardless of the specificities of their background in computer science. It also enables them to learn more about both the company, and what areas of the tech world they are most drawn to. Here are just some of the departments that successful applicants have previously ended up working in:

  • Web Development
  • Digital Design
  • Engineering
  • Data Analytics

Above all, the graduate programme provides its participants with many opportunities to utilise the skills they've developed to progress within the company.

The Benefits Of A Career With Vodafone

Aside from the possibility of cultivating a career in an area you're passionate about, there are numerous additional perks to working at Vodafone. The Vodafone headquarters in Sandyford, Dublin boast an on-site salon, barber and a free gym.

Vodafone also offers its employees a great degree of flexibility in their working hours. This affords employees wiggle-room to accommodate important extra-curricular appointments into their working day. There are also numerous other discounts across products and services available to employees, not to mention free phone plans that all-in-all create an impressive suite of additional perks.

How Do I Apply?

Applications to the Vodafone Graduate Programme are now open. To apply, simply visit their website and fill out the application form. You will be asked to submit any relevant experience. There will then be a short psychometric test to evaluate whether you have what it takes to work in one of Ireland's leading technological companies.

Candidates who successfully pass this stage will then be asked to undertake a video interview. The final round sees those who progress beyond this stage invited into their offices for an experience day which includes an in-person interview and several teamwork exercises.

So what are you waiting for? Get applying and good luck!

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Rory McNab

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