The Den Returned On Ray D'Arcy Last Night And It Was Marvellous

The Den Returned On Ray D'Arcy Last Night And It Was Marvellous

Fans of remembering things from the past that used to exist, but don't exist anymore, but have been brought back to capitalise on this nostalgia, hold onto your dang hats.

If you were a foppish, pallid sort of child like myself who shied away from contact sports in lieu of watching television then The Den was essential viewing. It's glorious success partly derived from its array of lovable characters such as Zig & Zag and Dustin the Turkey and partly from the fact that it had literally no other competition and it was a choice between watching it or staring at a wall, watching the seconds slowly tick by bringing you closer to an age when you're allowed actually go outside and socialise without the permission of a parent; this can range between anything from 7 years old to, in my case, my 22nd birthday,

The Den has been off the air since 2010. The first episode was broadcast in 1986, with the show originally titled Dempsey's Den, before being rebranded, which, in today's post-Operation Yewtree world, was probably a solid decision. Dempsey's Den sounds a bit more 'mysteriously damp mattress and a broken tumble-dryer in a derelict garage' rather than 'emporium of wacky of children's characters'.

Well, last night on Ray D'Arcy's chat show he resurrected the beloved show he once hosted. Ray and Dustin the Turkey sat in a reconstruction of the sat and reminisced about some of their favourite moments from the show over the years.


This was one of the hottest reunifications since Germany 1871 yo! And people lost their minds/heads/shit seeing the two of them back together.

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Rory McNab

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