Our Favourite Derry Girl Is Doing A Meet And Greet In A Belfast Gay Bar

Our Favourite Derry Girl Is Doing A Meet And Greet In A Belfast Gay Bar

If you're a Derry Girls fanatic (just like the rest of us) and wish to meet some of your favourite characters, then this is your lucky day!

Nicola Couhglan, or as we know her, Clare Devlin, will be hitting the town, painting Belfast red soon enough to "GIVE THE GAYS WHAT THEY WANT", she claims.

She has been invited to Belfast's Boombox Belfast, a gay bar and nightclub to let loose and dance with her number one fans in the heart of Northern Ireland. Nicola will be there on the night doing a meet and greet for a selected few fans. As well as that, I'm sure she''' somehow get involved in the evening, causing havoc just like Derry Girls do.

Nicola will be visiting Boombox Belfast on the 17th of April for a 90's school disco themed evening with Miss Rusty Hinges and Blu Hydrangea. This should surely fill the Derry Girls hole in our hearts that we'll all have after next weeks episode when the second season finishes.

Drinks on the night will only be £2.50, with a special deal on WKD for £1. Madness!

Clare has definitely proved herself not to be a craic killer with this one. G'wan girly!


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