Aer Lingus Announce Massive Flash Sale On Flights To Europe

Aer Lingus Announce Massive Flash Sale On Flights To Europe

Brace Yourselves. There's an Aer Lingus flash sale!

Sick of this miserable, dreary, wet and cold weather? Have you been dreaming of a holiday abroad? Looking to get a few days off work? Well now is your chance to get your hands on some cheap tickets for anywhere in Europe, thanks to Aer Lingus.

Irish weather has been crazy lately, so I wouldn't blame you for wanting something more predictable. Aer Lingus have swooped in and given us May specials flash sale that will offer flights to Europe for as low as €36.99. Bargain!

If you plan on travelling between the first of May and the 31st, then Aer Lingus have the ticket for you.

With a long list of cities to visit from the low low price of €37, whatever trip you're looking for is a possibility. If you're looking for culture and art you can fly to Paris for €36.99. Somewhere warm? Faro, Lisbon, Bordeaux, Nice, Milan, Dubrovnik, Split for a fraction of the price.

You can check out the full list here.

You would want to start acting quick as the sale's only on until April the 8th, and seats are filling up fast!


Round up your plans and get your planning caps on, holidays here you come!


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