Derry Girls Struck Home For A Lot Of Viewers In Last Night's Emotional Episode

Derry Girls Struck Home For A Lot Of Viewers In Last Night's Emotional Episode

Last night's episode of Lisa McGee's Derry Girls brought a lot of laughs into our households, but like always, the girls also brought a stream of tears. The weekly episode is something we all look forward to start our week off with a good LOL, but events happening within the show are so relevant to the events of real life lately and have struck a chord with many viewers.

Derry Girls, all though the best craic on a Tuesday night, gives us a chance to reflect on what Irish life used to be like for thousands of residents in the North during the '90s, when the troubles dominated small towns. We've seen poignant political moments, bomb-scares, military patrol and now Lisa McGee showed us the IRA ceasefire that brought peace to Northern Ireland after 25 years of turmoil.

After the ending scene of last nights episode, when Gerry fixes the TV and him, Mary and aunt Sarah hear the news of a ceasefire on the news, viewers across the country stood still reflecting on what was such a huge moment in the history of national peace, that is all to easily forgotten in the last few weeks over in Westminster.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their memories of this event, and show what the threats made against the Good Friday Agreement in recent times are risking. Viewers are praising Lisa McGee for bringing these issues to light in a personal and emotional way that reflects on the years spent fighting for peace in the North.


In true Derry Girls fashion, these deeply emotional flashbacks were topped off with a good laugh watching the streets of Derry fill with celebration and Gerry bringing out a tray of tea to the neighbours, which would only happen in Ireland.

Once again, Derry Girls left us in a state of laughing-crying for a good 30 minutes. Next week will see the last episode of the second season, so stock up on your tissues and prepare yourself for a roller coaster of emotions.

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