Derry Girls Welcome The Clintons To Derry In Tonights (9pm) FINALE

Derry Girls Welcome The Clintons To Derry In Tonights (9pm) FINALE

The End Is Near..

The dreaded day has come. The final episode of season two Derry Girls will be airing tonight on Channel 4 and our hearts are already breaking. With no confirmation of a third season, we are going to be lost on Tuesday nights from now on.

Tonight's episode, (although it'll still be a riot), makes me sad to think about. After waiting so long to see its return, it feels they are being ripped away from us way too soon. Never mind the fact that we only got 6 half an hour episodes!

The first thing to note is that tonight's episode will be starting at 9pm rather than the usual 9.15pm. So make sure you're ready to go 8.55pm, you don't want to miss it!

There's so much riding on this final episode, and one thing that comes to mind is - will Erin and James go for it? Or is that for season three...Will there even be a season three? Will we ever find out?

Tonight's episode will see the girls welcoming the President of the United States, Bill Clinton and First Lady, Hillary Clinton to Derry in 1995. Of course, the girls will be in the front row seats of this visit, causing havoc in one way or another.

Their concern is more to do with becoming BFF's with the President's daughter, Chelsea Clinton. For shop-keeper Dennis, it's a great business opportunity to sell cheesy and cheap American flags and hats.


For Grandpa Joe, this episode will see him and Uncle Colm settling an 30 year old score, whatever that may be.

Tune in to Channel 4 this evening at the new time of 9pm (not 9.15pm!!) to view the finale of Derry Girls. Crying.

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