Channel 4's New Show 'Naked Beach' Is A Must-Watch For Fans Of Love Island

Channel 4's New Show 'Naked Beach' Is A Must-Watch For Fans Of Love Island

With Caroline Flack announcing that early filming has begun for the new season of Love Island we as a society can begin to look forward to the future, to another season of Love Island, and try tear our eyes away from the wreckage of Love Island 2018. With the recent demise of Jack and Dani's relationship, the winners and last couple from last season, we were forced to confront the grim reality that maybe, relationships forged in the crucible of Stockholm Syndrome and low-level chronic sun-stroke, perhaps just aren't designed to last in the outside world.

As such, we must jettison any negative thoughts from our minds regarding the viability of Love Island as a format for creating legitimate relationships. We must capture these thoughts, bury them deep and then, as if we were the Stalinist custodians of our own minds, purge them from our memories. We must look forward, with unrelenting optimism, toward Love Island 2019. We must believe that it represents an opportunity for us to witness the first fledgling flames of a genuine relationship, that it is possible for true love to blossom between a personal trainer from Sunderland and an eye-brow beautician from Hull under a pulsing Iberian sun in front of dozens of cameras. For if we allow cynicism to pollute our faith in the purity of Love Island, then where does that leave us as a society?

However, for those of you who simply cannot endure the agonising wait until the beginning of the new season of Love Island - due to whatever suite of complex psychological reasons - then we have good news, there is a very similarly premised show airing on Channel 4 as we speak! The third episode of Naked Beach aired last night on Channel 4 and it has been garnering more and more praise with each passing week. While it bears many of the same hallmarks as Love Island - the sequestering of British people in a hot, tropical villa; an abundance of nudity, and an underlying tension as to what will happen to the format in a post-Brexit world, crucially, the heart of the show is very different.

Whereas Love Island positions a group of young, conventionally beautiful people with the intention of getting them to competitively sex one another in a quest for supremacy and the ultimate allure of a lucrative promotional deal with a regional mega-gym, Naked Beach attempts to actively promote body positivity. Each episode sees four different people, each with various body confidence issues, brought to a similarly sun-drenched villa where they are to briefly live with several body positivity coaches. The contestants are only allowed wear coloured body-paint while in the villa and the ultimate goal is that they will shed the need to cover up and, with the support of the other contestants and their body positivity coach, be able to embrace their own bodies.

The reaction to the show has been largely positive, with many people, initially assuming that it would be in danger of coming across as exploitative, surprised by how sincere and heartfelt the show is.



Or, more simply.

You can catch up with the first three episodes of the show on 4oD, and the remaining episodes will be broadcast on Channel 4 every Thursday at 8pm.

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