Destroying Britney Spears And Her Legacy One Biopic At A Time

Destroying Britney Spears And Her Legacy One Biopic At A Time

Destroying Britney Spears legacy is not an easy task. The costumes, the dancing, the catchy lyrics, her relationship with Justin Timberlake, that performance with the snake, the kiss with Christina Aguilera and Madonna, her relationship with the paparazzi, the meltdown, the comeback and the Gimme More performance are all engrained in pop culture's memory. Britney has dealt with a lot of bull and always managed to come out the other end - more shiny and blonder than ever before. The internet was ablaze last night with reactions to a new biopic detailing Britney's life.

So what's the deal with this damn awful Lifetime biopic? Entitled Britney Ever After (gag - gag again) the biopic 'tries', and badly fails, to capture Britney's early beginnings in showbiz, her publicised meltdown and finally ends, thank god, with her celebrated comeback. The trailer includes a close up of Britney's infamous shaved head with the actress who plays Britney staring pensively into space. The biopic fails to combine the raunchy famous performances with Britney's wholesome Southern gal personality instead opting for strange dance sequences that resemble a Barbie stuffed with double AA batteries rather than the pop sex that Britney was known for.

The film itself is not endorsed by Britney Spears not does it have the copyright to use any of her music. Spear's representative informed Entertainment Weekly that "Britney Spears will not be contributing in any way, shape, or form to the Lifetime biopic... nor does it have her blessing". Should it of been released or even gotten legs without the blessing of its very subject?

The diabolical biopic has left us here at College Times cringing for our lives and doubled over with laughter. Here's the internet's best reactions to the now infamous biopic:

Looks like Donald Trump and this biopic have a lot in common.


I felt the same way hun.


Wouldn't it be funny if they made a movie of your life and made up random shit ? ...Oh wait!


Buffy for President #2020

As Lindsay Lohan once said: " I may have pissed off a lot of people but I've never pissed off the gays!".


Buffy we still need you in 2017 - COME BACK!

R.I.P. Britney Ever After.

Chris Crocker knew.


Britney Ever After proving "Leave Britney Alone" is still relevant nearly 10 years later. Anyone for a t-shirt?

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