Stop The Lights: Freddie From iCarly Is Now A Daddy

Stop The Lights: Freddie From iCarly Is Now A Daddy

Boy, do we feel old...

Remember iCarly and her mates Freddie Benson and Sam Puckett? The sitcom was huge back in 2007 and ran for five years on the Nickelodeon channel, which feels like ten minutes ago if we're being honest. Well, actor Nathan Cress, who played guy next store Freddie, has announced the birth of his daughter Rosie to the world on Twitter:

Rosie is a Christmas miracle, she was born just four days before Christmas, and fans of the show weren't sure how to react to the news. Speculation began to mount around the origin of Rosies middle name 'Carolyn':



One fan did predict the future, even if it is kind of creepy:

The couple announced their pregnancy back in July over on Instagram and we're expecting more cute baby pics like the one below to be shared online in the coming days.

We can't help but wonder what Sam would think of all this...

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