Does This Photo Mean Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Are Back Together?!

If your ex put up a throwback of the two of you kissing on Instagram, you'd block him immediately. Don't even lie, you definitely would. Well if you're Justin Bieber, apparently being hella creepy on Instagram works a treat.


For anyone who missed it, Biebs posted a throwback pic of himself and Selena kissing, with the caption 'Feels.' Selena was clearly on board as she commented saying 'Perfect.' We were all left in a state of confusion about whether the exes had rekindled that flame...and after this latest occurrence, we're starting to think they are.


Justin is playing a series of gigs in Staples Centre in LA this week and who was spotted in attendance? Well Selena of course. Fans got a little bit overexcited about her presence and started snapping photos to prove it.

Not convinced that's her? Well this fan made sure to point her out...


Subtle there guys. So are they just the friendliest exes of all time or have they decided to give their tumultuous relationship another go? For some reason we kind of hope it's the latter. Maybe the Biebs would stop being such a twat if Selena was back in his life? Who knows but we're keeping our fingers crossed.


Video: 7 Times Selena Gomez Talked About Justin Bieber in 2015

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