Girl Baffled ‘New BFF’ She Met In Nightclub Bathroom Hasn’t Been In Touch

Girl Baffled ‘New BFF’ She Met In Nightclub Bathroom Hasn’t Been In Touch

A woman from Cavan has asked Facebook users to share a missing person post after losing touch with another woman she met in a toilet in The Imperial, Cavan Town, on Saturday night.

Colette Finnegan from Ballyhaise was at The Imperial  - a favourite amongst Cavan revelers - when she was approached by a woman who said, in Colette's words, "acted like she knew me". As the woman smiled and squeezed Colette's arm, Colette took a step back, scanning her memory for something to connect the dots. "I'm from the 109" is all she heard when Colette suddenly made the connection. They had briefly smiled at each other on the bus. Colette had dropped her chicken fillet roll as she was walking up the aisle of the 109 bus from Dublin to Cavan. Colette instantly felt like she knew Tina her entire life:

How could two people end up on the same bus and then end up in the same nightclub? It was a bit mental, to be honest - I was shocked like. I just kept saying "I know you!" but I couldn't think from where! We took a gorgeous Snapchat pic together in the bathroom mirror 'cause we just got on SO well like. She had me breaking my shite laughin' for a good hour as well.  She was a funny fucker. Basically, she just got me and I got her. She ended up meeting some yon lad and I got talkin' in the smoking area so we never saw each other again after that.

Now Colette wants to find 'Tash', the nickname of the girl she met in the bathroom, or, at least, add her on Facebook to thank her for the wonderful job she did fixing her makeup:

It'd be great to keep in touch, ya know. I wouldn't have looked as good as I did for half of those selfies if she hadn't of fixed the glue on my eyelash. I was half blinded looking in the mirror until she came along. I'm surprised she hasn't tried to find me to be honest. I might see her out again on Saturday night but the place is so big and I love being in the smoking area. It could be awkward after a week of not talking to each other like.


We managed to track down Tash but she was not available for comment. Colette hasn't given up hope that she'll see her on Saturday night saying "Ah, I'm sure it'll be grand like!".

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