The Best And Worst Christmas Window Displays Ever

The Best And Worst Christmas Window Displays Ever

Dublin at Christmas is a wonderful time.

There are beautiful Christmas lights, people are out shopping and of course there are some magical Christmas window displays in high end shops. For all the people unable to gaze at these extravagant displays, we thought we'd bring them to you.

Of course everyone has heard of Arnotts and Brown Thomas, but there are a few that might surprise you. Here are some of them to feast your eyes on.

1. The Dealz display

A new Dealz has opened on Liffey Street and their display is nothing short of breathtaking. With beautiful large luminous letters in a clear font and detailed decorative tinsel, this picture doesn't do it justice.


2. The Tayto display in Arnotts


I never thought a crisp could look so magnificent. Featuring a sign saying, 'Crispmas Sandwiches this way' it truly encapsulates the Christmas spirit.


3. The Brown Thomas display

This is a bit over the top and fancy if we're being honest. The only word I could use to describe this is – overreaching, it's no Dealz.


4. Pandora's window display


Now this is minimalist at its best. Pandora have truly captured the spirit of Christmas – fantastic stuff.


5. And...the Arnotts window display

What words do I even have to describe this? Shite – that's the word. This has been done to death. Could they not have included some Tayto packets in their somewhere?



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Ciara Finnegan

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