Dustin And Ray D'Arcy Are Looking For Your 'The Den' Memories

Dustin And Ray D'Arcy Are Looking For Your 'The Den' Memories

The Den, a show that will hold a special place in most of our hearts. The flap flaps, the justice for Jim campaign & What's Snots were among many of this writer's highlights of the show.

Well this Saturday you'll be able to relive your fondest memories of the long running RTE children's show as Dustin the turkey will be on The Ray D'Arcy show reminiscing about the program.

I'm meeting up with me old mate and general garden gnome Ray D'Arcy this Saturday we're going to be reminiscing about all the good old times on the Den.

So if you were ever on the Den or if you have any funny stories about the the Den or if you ever won any prizes on the Den or if you brought Socky to your Debs Ray and I would love to hear from you.

If you have any stories about the Den you can e-mail them to [email protected] with the subject line 'Dustin' .


I'm going to be praying they somehow manage to wrangle 'Kevin from Galway', one of the most iconic moments of the Irish television.

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Eoin Lyons

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