Watch: Eastenders Christmas Trailer Teases Dangerous Max Showdowns

Watch: Eastenders Christmas Trailer Teases Dangerous Max Showdowns

Eastenders dropped its Christmas trailer last night (Dec 15) and it looks set to be their best festive episode in years.

Max Branning is at the centre of the yuletide drama as his evil revenge schemes will come crashing down around him in an unmissable hour of TV.

The 30-second clip indicates that it could be the end of the line for Max as he falls to the ground after a showdown with Phil who says: "You're over Max."

It also shows Max listening to the incriminating voice-mail that Jane left on Stacey's phone, exposing all of his dodgy secrets - the question is, will Stacey hear it too? Given that we them having a vicious argument, it looks like she may be the latest person that turns against him.

EE fans will know that Max has been seeking vengeance on the Square this past twelve months, which included putting several character's lives in danger and generally wreaking havoc everywhere he goes.


Lauren and Abi are departing the soap soon and while we don't yet how they'll bow out, it's fair to say that it will tie in with Max getting his comeuppance in dramatic fashion.

Will he die? Will he be redeemed somehow? Only one way to find out.

EastEnders airs an hour-long special on Christmas Day at 9pm on BBC One

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Niamh Burke

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