Ed Sheeran's "Conservation Pond For Housing A Newt" Looks Very Like A Pool

Ed Sheeran's "Conservation Pond For Housing A Newt" Looks Very Like A Pool

Ed Sheeran's conservation pond is causing quite the stir with his neighbours and from the aerial view of this so called "pond", it's easy to see why. The British singer/ songwriter applied for planning permission to build a "conservation pond for the housing of a newt". He was granted planning permission granted that the 'pond' would not be used as a pool.

As building commenced these aerial shots of the "Conservation Pond" were released and neighbours were furious as it directly goes against the planning permission.

The aerial pictures clearly show a jetty to dive off and a wooden Romany-style caravan perfect for changing room and of no real use to a newt. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is most definitely going to be used as a pool.

Neighbours have previously complained about loud music on Ed Sheran's Suffolk estate and feel that this pool will be a further addition to a wild party lifestyle for the singer and his celebrity friends.


Ed's neighbours have lodged official complaints with East Suffolk Council and it will be investigated with council officials to ensure it meets the stipulations set out in planning permissions. I think we will find that the neighbours may be right on this one.

Recently, it was reported that Ed Sheeran got married to his childhood sweetheart Cherry Seaborn in a secret ceremony at this Suffolk estate. According to The Sun, the couple Ed and Cherry hosted their wedding at just before Christmas and the guest list was made up of just 40 close friends and family. This controversial pool could be an addition to making a home for marital bliss.

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