GOD ALMIGHTY: The Father Ted Musical Might Actually Be Happening

GOD ALMIGHTY: The Father Ted Musical Might Actually Be Happening

Oh by jaysus! Put the kettle on! I can't cope. Am I dreaming? Father Ted: The Musical could be a thing! Well, here's everything we know. The shows co-writer, Graham Linehan, was having an aul chat with The Sunday Business and expressed his interest in making Father Ted a musical! It's a feckin' sign lads.

Linehan was speaking to The Sunday Business Post when he said: “... I think there is an argument you could make a Ted musical where you really go for the jugular and you get all the things people loved about it...Because it’s such a special event, it would have to be about something that’s kind of world-shaking. It would have to be about Ted becoming Pope, or some weird succession thing that means Ted’s next in line. It would have to be substantial and big.” Wait, whisht... It might not be? What? Make up your feckin' mind lads!

Can you imagine the craic - it would be 90 for sure. They'd have to bring Pauline McLynn back as Ms. Doyle. We could see 'My Lovely Horse' live for the first time. Who needs the Eurovision! The possibilities are endless for the musical numbers. We could have one about Jack and his favourite drink, Ms. Doyle making tea and Dougal being, well, Dougal.

For now we'll have to settle for another listen of 'My Lovely Horse':


Garret Farrell

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