The Father Ted Musical Is Making Progress

The Father Ted Musical Is Making Progress

Neil Hannon of the Divine Comedy has given an update on the Father Ted musical in the works. The musician, who wrote the theme music for the show, is working with Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews to bring Pope Ted to life.

Speaking to NME, Hannon discussed his role in Pope Ted: 

I think I’ve got a few gags in it because I’d say ‘Why don’t they do this?’ and Graham and Arthur would boggle ‘That’s funny! I didn’t know you were funny?’ I replied: have you listened to any of my songs?!’ God, I’ve written a lot of songs for it! “I loved the original series and we’re trying to do justice to the style and give the characters proper stories. You’re trying to make a proper musical with a proper plot yet if it becomes too plot-heavy, it doesn’t feel like the original series which was so silly sometimes. It’s a delicate balance but we’re getting there. I think it’ll be a hugely entertaining evening out – but then I would say that!

Details of Pope Ted - The Father Ted Musical were first revealed last June, with Graham Linehan saying the show would be the real final episode of Father Ted. Matthews and Linehan had a falling out over the project but thankfully Neil Hannon has said they have settled their differences.

The storyline will see Father Ted move from Craggy Island to the Vatican as he takes on the role of Pope, a big leap for a priest that was banished to the remote island for money resting in his account.


The trio are apparently aiming for a release date in 2020.

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