Netflix Have Announced A Second Season For Our Favouite Binge-Worthy Show

Netflix Have Announced A Second Season For Our Favouite Binge-Worthy Show

Finally! There's news of a second season for one of the best Netflix Original shows of 2018 - The End Of The F***ing World.

This show was a huge hit when it came out last year, with one of the most messed up, yet intriguing story-lines. It follows two 17 year old outcasts who form an interesting friendship. James, who is convinced he is a psychopath (which he very well is), becomes friendly with a new girl in school, Alyssa, who takes a strange interest in James, and convinces him to go on a road trip to find her estranged father. James takes this opportunity to move his obsession with killing animals to the next level, and decides to make Alyssa his next victim while on the road trip, but things don't seem to go as he expected..

We've been waiting what feels like forever to hear any news on a second season for this show, and Netflix have finally resurfaced the one-sitting-binge series, announcing that a second season is finally in the works, and they've already begun recording!

The Streaming Giant posted a picture to Twitter of the script for the second season, that began shooting on the 1st of March, causing us all to go into a frenzy of excitement.


It's unsure what the plot for the second season will be, or if the characters will be returning, but Netflix did let it slip that Jessica Barden (Who plays Alyssa in the first season) will be returning, seeing as her name is sprawled across the script.

Hopefully, we won't be waiting too much longer for this long awaited sequel!

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