Best Sweets From Our Childhood That Need To Make A Comeback Right Now

Best Sweets From Our Childhood That Need To Make A Comeback Right Now

Some things never last. It's not that we wanted you to go away candy of yesteryear -  you were taken from us. We awoke to a world in which you no longer existed. Frightened and alone we went in search for new treats that could semi-replace the hole in our hearts. Do not fear! We will rise in protest and bring you back to your former glory! Petitions at the ready. Here is a list of some of our favourite childhood sweets that need to make a comeback:


Mars Delight


The best bar of chocolate of all time. Where are you? Why have Nestlé taken you away?



Campino Sweets

Omfg. I can still taste the strawberry flavour.


Dream Bars

Why chocolate has never been the same.




Flake Snow



If beauty was a bar of chocolate.



Echo Bars



Echoing around the world the cries of people looking for their fix.


Frufoo Yoghurts



My childhood best friends. I remember collecting the toy from the centre of the pot. The chocolate spaceships filled Frufoo yoghurt blew my mind.



Taz Bar



The TV series was great. The caramel centre was epic. Where are you Taz? 2017 needs you!



Starburst Joosts


All the flavours in the world just bursting from the package. Come back...






The reason why my braces snapped. What absolute beauties. Everyone misses regular lock jaw.





Forged in the fires of Mount Doom Fuse was a promising symbol of hope and unity. Unfortunately, like so many great things, man ruined it. This twitter account shows you how to make your own though!



Fat Frog Ice Lolly


Lets blame the absence of the Fat Frog ice lolly as our reasons for drinking the alcoholic beverage. They need to bring this back ASAP.



Flyte Bar


The soft marshmallow centre! It was like a chocolate pillow in your mouth. Drool.



I have so many cravings right now.



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