First Dates Ireland Are Looking For Students To Apply For Next Season

First Dates Ireland Are Looking For Students To Apply For Next Season

I have a pet theory that every single person who has ever featured on, or applied to go on, First Dates is either entirely devoid of a basic degree of self-awareness or is a masochist who relishes the thought of humiliating themselves in front of a judging nation. This is however just an unproven theory and, until I hear back from Professor Hoffenfraum at the University of Maastricht about my request for funding to research the matter further, that is all it shall remain.

What with the process of going on a first date being among the most anxiety inducing experiences a human body can be put through, it seems churlish to invite hundreds of thousands of people to become voyeurs to your evening to add to the stress. As if the pressure of alternating between floundering through some childhood anecdote and attempting to not spill gravy on your lap all the while hoping that you may appear charming and table-mannered enough that your co-dater might think "Yes, this chap and his gravy free lap will be the person who I will commit to spending the entirety of the rest of my life with, until one, or both of us, perish," wasn't enough, adding a viewing public with access to Twitter into the mix seems astounding.

Am I being overly negative about this? Perhaps? Does this negativity have anything to do with the fact that I once accidentally sat on a cactus during a first date and the memory of that often keeps me awake at night? Almost certainly. Regardless, Coco Television, the production company responsible for First Dates Ireland are looking for applications for the new series of the show.


If you, or someone you know would like to either become a 'featured dater' or a 'background dater' on the show then you can apply here. The show is always more than happy to hear from students and are actively seeking students to apply. If you would like to avail of the possibility of national humiliation then why not apply?

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Rory McNab

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