There's One Ludicrous Mistake So Many People Make On Their Tinder Profiles

There's One Ludicrous Mistake So Many People Make On Their Tinder Profiles

As someone who is relatively new to the whole online dating scene - having been made sexually redundant in the wake of the implosion of a two year relationship a couple of months (62 days, 9 hours and 28 minutes) ago, there are a lot of things that seem strange and incomprehensible about the whole charade.

Not to get on a high horse about anything here - firstly I'm scared of horses, secondly I under no circumstances think that it is acceptable to get a horse 'high'- but there is one absolutely mind-numbingly infuriating mistake that is made by a sizeable enough percentage of people that I've been compelled, in lieu of there being other actually important things to write about, to rail against.

That mistake is this: people crop photos like absolute hooligans.

You can casually be perusing through some people's profiles, when suddenly out of nowhere, you're blind-sided by an inexplicably zoomed in snapshot of someone's shin. Now, unless these people are in fact cyber-dating genius and are playing some kind of next-level mind-games, which I seriously doubt, then we've got some serious questions on our hands.


Sometimes, it may just be the fourth or fifth photo in someone's profile that is terribly cropped, and this is somewhat excusable as, they've evidently already shown enough mastery of actually framing a photograph that this can be excused as a momentary lapse. What is truly galling is when you're swiping through profiles; carefully selected headshots etc. and then someone has chosen to lead with a photograph which has been cropped to mostly feature a dressing table in the background with a disembodied ear floating unceremoniously in the corner of the frame, where presumably the rest of the photographers face and head resides.

Sometimes, some expertly worked cropping can make for a fantastic photo, it would be a grim world were everyone's photos to look utterly interchangeable; however it is very obvious when the cropping is deliberate or when it's simply accidentally zoomed in on a grainy shot of someone's right nostril. If the cropping on a photograph makes it look like it's been cut up by a child attempting to make some kind of slightly ominous Art Attack-esque collage out of dismembered photographs of people's faces, then it's probably best to do a bit of editing.

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