First Dates Ireland Viewers Incredibly Moved As Show Airs Sign Language Date

First Dates Ireland Viewers Incredibly Moved As Show Airs Sign Language Date

Last night's First Dates Ireland featured a sign language date and viewers were left feeling especially touched.

The episode featured design student John Charles, a member of the deaf community, and Dubliner Stephen, who is fluent in sign language as well as being Mr Gay Ireland.

It was the first time a date was conducted completely in sign language, in the Irish and UK version of the show.

The date revealed some of the difficulties faced by deaf people looking for love.

John Charles explained to Stephen that when he goes on a date with a hearing person who doesn't sign, they communicate using a phone, and send texts back in forth. He said:

It’s really frustrating when people talk into my ear.

I have to say ‘I’m Deaf!’ and then they just talk louder. I try explaining that talking louder doesn’t make a difference and it’s easier just to text.


The lads hit it off on the date, making it clear that they wanted to see each other after again. People immediately fell in love with them.



It was genuinely a lovely moment on the show and First Dates Ireland was praised for its inclusivity.


Sadly, it wasn't to be as it was revealed after that Stephen had moved to London and in the Dater Update, John-Paul said he was still looking for his husband.


However the outcome of the pair's date, it garnered a positive response from viewers and safe to say the show's hugely popular.

You know what to do.

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Niamh Burke

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