This Guy Recreated Britney Spears Toxic Video And It's Everything

This Guy Recreated Britney Spears Toxic Video And It's Everything

Flying can be a nightmare for most of us. The checking in, going through the shit show that is security, the pushing and shoving to find your seat, the weird pressure inside the cabin and that child who will not stop screaming are all common features during your airport experience. This isn't the case with AirAsia as flight attendant recreates Britney's Toxic music video!

Three days ago a video was posted by 9Gag and went viral of an AirAsia flight attendant, Assraf Nasir, recreating Britney Spears famous Toxic video while waiting for passengers to board. The fab hun used the plane as his own personal runway and gave us all a show for the Gods! Imagine if all flights included this kind of hight quality entertainment? Flying would be a lot more fun.

Here is the diva himself:

The original Toxic video:

One Facebook user wasn't impressed with Nasir's antics though commenting 'Is this why my flight was delayed for "cleaning and inspection"?'. Some people just can't see the funny side of life. Here is the video and it's everything:


Yas, Queen! Slay! We need more. Give us more!


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