There's A Twitter Account Claiming "GAA To Fall Apart If 8th Amendment Is Repealed"

There's A Twitter Account Claiming "GAA To Fall Apart If 8th Amendment Is Repealed"

Image Credit: via @LoveBothDrog

Throughout this whole referendum campaign, we have all been wracked with fear about one particular issue, so afraid are we that no one has had the courage to bring it up during any of the debates. What would happen to the GAA if the 8th Amendment is repealed? One Drogheda based Vote No Twitter page has finally brought light to this issue saying that the GAA will be doomed forever as there will be no babies left to become the next Irish football superstar. What has long been one of the biggest threats to Irish survival (above the rightful healthcare of women) has become a near future reality and there won’t be enough people left to fill up our football teams!!

According to pages such as @LoveBothDrog, the future of our population is in jeopardy and voting No will spell doom for the propagation of the Irish race. Along with GAA teams being empty, our schools and playgrounds will be deserted and the Ireland will soon become a desolate wasteland, devoid of all human life. Even though this isn’t the case for many countries who have had the choice of abortion in place for decades, it seems that No campaigners in Ireland are sure this will happen.


Some posts are referring back to the vote for marriage equality, labeling it as pointless if the 8th is repealed Their argument is that if we believe in the right to marry whoever we want, we should believe in the right to life, and the unborn baby’s right to marry whoever they want in their future, a compelling argument on all counts I think we can agree.

In all seriousness, No campaigners have been known to use extreme claims to provoke voters, and place any kind of doubt in their minds. In their defence, the use of foreign ads have had a major effect on the campaign. Claims that the No voters have not agreed with some posters being posted around Ireland have been made, and it’s clear when walking through the city centre that there is a lot of American campaigners who have come over in the heat of the campaigns to give their two cents on what they believe to be true.

That said, people on Twitter are astonished by the claims made by these pages, and many are convinced it must be some kind of parody page, and whoever is behind it will be celebrated once they’re revealed. Whatever the story is behind it, without a doubt the pages are worth checking out if you’re looking for a giggle, or to get yourself involved in a heated debate.

This is perhaps the most ludicrous of all their posters, an accolade with some stiff competition. It is wonderful in the absurdity of its implications that, in their fake dystopian nightmare where there are no more children, schools would still be perfectly maintained despite having no pupils. The only thing the image is missing is perhaps a sad Geography teacher perched at the table at the top of the class, hoping - despite all experience pointing to the contrary - that today will be the day that at least one pupil may wander through their doors; but, as each day passes, and any student fails to materialise, the hope in their eyes fades more and more.

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Grainne Sharkey

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