We Can't Handle The Trailer For Next Weeks 'Game Of Thrones' Episode

We Can't Handle The Trailer For Next Weeks 'Game Of Thrones' Episode

Winter has finally arrived and the white walkers are coming to get you, Barbara! Last nights "Eastwatch" became the episode of reunions and it came just in time for everyone to be separated once again - if we're going by next weeks  Game Of Thrones trailer.


In an episode full of surprises,  friends finally reunite and enemies become a much-needed ally.  Next weeks episode, which remains untitled, looks set to be full of unexpected deaths, please not Jon again, and with more twist and turns than we can imagine.

With only 8 episodes left, the GOT story is near its end and plot progression is at an all time high - hello again, Gendry! We're just hoping now that so many characters have reunited or finally met that the rest of the episodes won't be in such a rush to the finish line. Either way, it looks like the Night King and the army of the dead are set to murder the majority of Jon's crew in a trailer released by HBO.

Interest in the epic fantasy series shows no signs of slowing down as fans continue to make the fictional Game of Thrones world a reality. One fan has turned the Ireland and UK map into a map you'd expect to see in the GOT or Lord of the Rings world.


Ireland in a fantasy map sort of style from ireland

The untitled episode will air on Sky Atlantic at 9 pm next Monday.

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