A J1 Student's Encounter With Leo Varadkar Has Social Media In Stitches

A J1 Student's Encounter With Leo Varadkar Has Social Media In Stitches

The story of a J1 student and Leo Varadkar is doing the rounds today and it's as Irish as you'd imagine.

A Maynooth student was serving customers at a restaurant in Chicago when the Taoiseach decided to pay a visit. Emma Kelly, the 20-year-old Biomedical Science student from Dublin, was left red faced when she realised she treated Varadkar the same as an other normal customer.

After walking the pair outside to wait for their table, Emma asked the Taoiseach if he was Irish. After Emma brought the pair to their table, they asked for a bigger table as they were expecting a third person to join them.

Speaking to the, the student said she realised who he was when her friend Eimear, who also works at the restaurant, told her she just saw the Taoiseach sitting outside waiting for a table:

I was like, ah jaysis I can't believe I made the Taoiseach wait for a table and he thought it was funny but actually was like ‘it's nice being treated like a normal person.'

The Taoiseach was obviously sound about the whole thing and tweeted Emma back with this:

Eventually, Emma and Leo took a "painfully awkward" snap together,  with Emma admitting he was now "officially [her] fave Taoiseach".



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