Gigi Hadid's 21st Celebrations Were Ridiculous

Why were these celebrations so amazing you ask? Didn't she just hire out a local function room, eat her weight in cocktail sausages, drink vodka and go through sitting on a chair and having people she knows peck her on the face while the DJ counts down from 21? Because that's most of our experiences, right? Lots of booze, a high street dress and a huge big card made by our friends? What could she do to surpass that?


1. I definitely didn't go to a tropical paradise for my 21st.

best birthday

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2. Uh I don't remember chillin' on a private plane, chowing down on glam cake with celeb mates...


Birthday Weekend Goals-met vibes. One night at Coachella, thank you T! ?⚡️☄?

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3. Ok- I don't recall my international heart throb of a boyfriend taking cute, candid pics of me either...

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4. Yeah my friends and relations had these made up for mine too... Whateva Gigs

#1 fan

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5. This...


Yeah, so it looks like a pretty regular 21'st right?!

Video: Gigi Hadid kicks off her milestone 21st birthday with sister Bella and family


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