Emirates Are Coming To Cork And Dublin To Recruit New Cabin Crew

Emirates Are Coming To Cork And Dublin To Recruit New Cabin Crew

If you have finished, or are finishing college, and are still utterly terrified about the prospect of what the real world will hold, then there are few better jobs to get in your early 20s than to work as cabin crew for an international airline. And this, this exact situation in the previous sentence as described, is now a possibility for you as Emirates have announced that they're looking to hire Irish cabin crew members to join their team.

There are few better ways to wile away your early 20s and be afforded the opportunity to see the world than to take up the opportunity to serve paninis to first class passengers. Emirates estimate that the approximate average monthly pay would workout at € 2,290, depending on the hours worked.

They are holding the open day from 9 am on this Saturday, June 29th at Hotel: Cork International Hotel, Airport Business Park, Cork Airport. The Dublin open day will be held Saturday, July 13th at Hotel: Maldron Hotel Dublin Airport; Corballis, Dublin, K67 T6P6

As would be expected, there are also many associated perks of the job which serve to significantly sweeten the deal. Given that much of the job is spent traveling between international locations, there is free accommodation provided for cabin crew, as well as comprehensive health care and dental plans. You can also avail of heavily discounted plane tickets after just a few months of working there, there are also discounts available to friends and family looking to fly with Emirates.

They do however have some relatively stringent criteria in the type of personnel they're looking to recruit. Applicants should be at least 21 years of age, have an arm reach of 212cm while standing on their tiptoes - get a friend to measure you, have a minimum height of 160cm. They must also have fluent written and spoken English, be dynamic and have no tattoos that would be visible while wearing an Emirates cabin crew uniform.


If you would like to apply, head over to their website for full details.

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