Food Bits You Need To Rob From Your Gaff Before Going Back To College

Food Bits You Need To Rob From Your Gaff Before Going Back To College

Surviving college can be a hungry experience. If you're living away from home you don't always know when you're gonna get your next decent meal - especially if it's healthy food - which can be a struggle. Sometimes you need some home comforts like an electric blanket and grub that isn't from Supermacs. If you don't have the cash to do a cheap shop or you're waiting for that grant cheque to come in here's a list of foods to take from your family home that won't be missed - well, not really! Thank you families of Ireland for putting up with us.

1). Spices

Spices are the Gods of the food world. Throw them on top of everything - pizza, bread, cheese -whatever! You're instantly upgrading those bland meals.

2). Pasta

Get a lunch bag and keep it stocked. You'll need the carbs for those cold and lonely winter nights.


3). Rice

'Cause there's always loads of rice in the press! Nobodies gonna notice.


4). Broccoli

A source of protein that's cheaper than chicken, especially if you're bulking!

5). Pasta Sauce

Rob some passata or tomato paste if there's no jars handy. Mix them together and make your own sauce. Use those spices!


6). Stock cubes

Add these things to everything!

7). Tins of Everything

Beans, salmon, tuna, kidney beans, chick peas - whatever you can get your hands on!


8). Eggs

'Cause you can have eggs scrambled, poached or fried. They are a source of constant pleasure.

9). Nuts

Nuts are full of protein and fibre  and are easily hidden inside your coat pockets.


10). Cereal

Nobody is gonna notice if that Fruit N' Fibre  goes missing.


11). Milk

Collect glass jars and fill them with some milk before you go back to college. Try and take skimmed or almond milk just for the shelf life alone.

12). Sugar

Take as much sugar as you can carry for the tae. Next time you're in a coffee shop rob some of those sachets of sugar as well. Just incase you're ever stuck!

13). Tea

Even your Mammy isn't gonna wanna see you stuck without this core staple of Irish life.


14). Bread

Rob the bread rolls you have to heat up -the dates are longer!

15). Butter

If you can't take a few sachets of butter from the college restaurant cut a block in half and wrap it in clingfilm. Probably best not to leave it in your bag.


16). Crackers

Who doesn't like some crackers and cheese?!

17). Peanut Butter


Just take the jar and blame someone else *MY PRECIOUS*

18). Cheese

Cut a decent sized chunk off the block and wrap it up in some clingfilm. Try and get some of those cheese triangles if you can.

19). Frozen Pizzas


Every freezer has a few forgotten treasures. Use them sparingly.

21). Ham

The date on ham lasts longer than most cooked meats.

22). Mi Wadi


Pour the Mi Wadi into a water bottle. Hey presto! You have a miniature bottle of sweet joy all to yourself.

Lads you may start stocking up on jars and clingfilm.

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