Solero Shots And Mars Delight: The Forgotten Irish Snacks We Used To Love

Solero Shots And Mars Delight: The Forgotten Irish Snacks We Used To Love

Before we all destroyed our livers with alcohol and went clubbing on the weekend, we used to find solace in delicious snacks. It seems like all our favourite snacks from our childhood have gotten discontinued over the years, with only the basics remaining.

So when we came across this brilliant subreddit mentioning some of our favourite discontinued Irish snacks, we got seriously nostalgic. From ice-cream to chocolate bars, there were some snacks that defined our Irish childhood. So let's get your mouth watering as we round-up some of the most iconic Irish snacks you've probably forgotten about.

1. Dream bars

These white chocolate bars of deliciousness are still pined for on a daily basis. There hasn't been a white chocolate bar to replace it since.

2. Solero Shots

Unless you tried the lime flavour, you never truly lived. These little ice-pop balls were pure sound and were the cause of many 'brain freezes'.


via. Reddit

3. Toffo

Toffee doesn't seem to be the cool anymore but it most definitely was back in the day. Toffos were the younger brother of your Granny's Werther's.


4. Cola Woppa bars

These are probably for the slightly older readers amongst us. Woppa bars only cost 5p and were like Stinger bars only better.

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5. Mars Delight


Why did they ever discontinue these things? They were absolutely unreal and tasted like they were made for the Gods.

6. Flake Snow

This was a normal flake with a white chocolate inside. The white chocolate would melt in your mouth creating the perfect balance between white and milk chocolate.


7. Secret bars

Again, these might be recognised by some older readers. Secret bars were chocolate on the outside with a smooth mousse filling on the inside.

via. doyouremember

8. Rowntree's Bursting Bugs

These were one of the most disgusting sweets on the market, but for some reason were super popular. They were normal jellies on the outside but contained some sort of goo on the inside.


via. thestudentroom

9. Taz bars

Although it was probably just a glorified Freddo bar, the fact Taz the Tazmanian Devil was on the packaging, we never questioned it.


10. Fat Frog ice pops

Before Fat Frog was an alco-pop, it was a beloved ice-pop. It tasted like a deliciously sugary sweet apple and we still miss it on sunny days.

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