Here's Some Seriously Talented Up And Coming Irish Bands To Listen To Today

Here's Some Seriously Talented Up And Coming Irish Bands To Listen To Today

There are some amazing up and coming Irish bands on the scene at the mo. From garage, grunge and Indie rock there's literally every genre you could ever want, right on your doorstep.

We've rounded up some of Ireland's freshest bands who are transforming the Irish music and festival scene. From two-piece female punk groups, to witchy synchronised vocals, this list will be your bible when it comes to upcoming gigs. All of the bands included are highlighting some of the amazing talent Ireland has, and loads of them are playing the Irish music festival scene this summer.

Be sure to give them a listen and check them out.

1. M!TCH

M!TCH are a four piece Indie-rock band based in Dublin who still possess a garage feel that most modern bands are afraid to have. Listen to 'I Don't Care', for some serious stripped back deadly indie rock.

2. The Dyatonics

This is a band who you have to see live to truly appreciate. Their headbanging stage stunts and infectious energy makes the band comparable to The Rolling Stones. The five-piece band of lads based in Dublin have a seriously unique sound and will have you dancing for days. Listen to 'Sur le sol.'


3. Dawn Chorus

Dawn Chorus are another five piece band who incorporate classic blues and rock n'roll. The lads play regular gigs in Whelan's and their most recent single 'Liar' features a unforgettable riff that will keep it in your head for weeks.

4. Raglans

Raglans have been killing it on the festival scene and are known for their alternative rock sound. The lads are currently touring around Europe including gigs in Russia and The Netherlands, and have already supported artists like The Strypes, The Libertines and Haim. Listen to 'Digging Holes' for some headbanging guitar and powerful vocals.


This female duo fronted by Deborah Byrne and Suzette Das, fuse their honey-like vocals with an electronic-pop feel. Their music seriously packs a punch and are an example for strong Irish female musicians. Their fantastic single 'If Love Was Enough' is littered with shimmering pop sounds and should be added to your new music playlist.


6. Vulpynes

Vulpynes are another two-piece female band who you'll hear before you see them. These ladies combine classic punk rock with screaming vocals and are a powerhouse in themselves. Listen to 'Terry Said' for some low-end riffs and gritty melodies.


AE MAK combines alternative pop with some perfectly harmonised vocals. Their symmetrical look, punk sound and their infectious energy makes them stand out from the ever-growing crowd. The band is fronted by the amazingly talented Aoife McCann and Ellie McMahon and completed with a five-part band. Their single, 'I Can Feel It In My Bones' is an amazing example of their bright, trance-like sound.


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