WATCH: Irish Language Gangster Rap Duo, KNEECAP

WATCH: Irish Language Gangster Rap Duo, KNEECAP

I bet you never thought you'd hear gangster rap as Gaeilge - but you were WRONG.

This Belfast duo are breaking tradition in Irish music by releasing gangster rap music as Gaeilge and have made their mark on the Irish community.

Móglaí Bap and Mo Chara are two leaids from Belfast who've released a number of songs over the last year that completely swerve your usual Irish music. They rap about anything you'd usually hear in gangster rap - drugs, going out, gaurds, etc etc, but what really shocks you is hearing all this being sang about in Irish, which is a serious talent.

This brings a whole new life to the Irish language, especially among young people, but has also brought quite a bit of controversy with it as well. When they first released their song 'C.E.A.R.T.A', RTÉ banned it from being played on their radio stations because of the language used in the songs. This caused a stir seeing as RTÉ still play any chart hits that refer to the same type of activity.

The lads hope to show a different side of how it is living among the Irish community in Belfast, by taking a satirical take on the life of young people. Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph they explained what they hope to show - "A lot of my friends don't vote Sinn Fein and they're not republican. We're proud of Irish culture, but we don't want to be defined by it."

Their two singles, C.E.A.R.T.A and Amach Anocht are available on Spotify, and they have recently released a brand new mix-tape that you can listen to here.

They will be having a launch night for their mix-tape on the 28th of June in the Wiley Fox, Dublin, on the same night as this month's Pop-up Gaeltacht. You can purchase tickets on Eventbrite here.

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