Quiz: Can You Still Pass The Driver Theory Test?

Quiz: Can You Still Pass The Driver Theory Test?

If you've sat through the driver theory test then you know what it's like to feel absolute fear...

For decades every Irish person to sit through a test has crammed for a solid week to dilute thousands of possible questions into a bundle of 40. Don't worry if you haven't sat through a driver theory test. Try out this test and prepare future you for the sheer panic.

For those of you who've completed the test, it's time for you to relieve that torturous hour of self-doubt. Remember when you felt like you were on Who Wants To Be Millionaire but didn't realise that instead of a million dollar prize at the end you would actually receive only limited freedom and a year-long debt called insurance?

It's time to relive your glory days - you have eight minutes to answer 40 of the driver theory questions:


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