The 18 Rudest Place Names In Ireland

The 18 Rudest Place Names In Ireland

Oh, Ireland. It just wouldn't be the same place if there weren't some cheeky places around the country, and today we've found the rudest and funniest of the lot.

If you know any better ones, feel free to tell us in the comments!

1. Doodys Bottoms - Co. Wicklow

2. Effin - Co. Limerick

3. Dicksboro - Co. Kilkenny.

4. Fartrim - Co. Cavan

5. Cum - Co. Mayo


6. Slutsend - Co. Dublin

7. Bastardstown - Co. Wexford

8. Fannystown - Co. Wexford

9. Lousybush - Co Kilkenny

10. Muff - Co. Donegal

11. Termonfeckin - Co. Louth


12. Dyke Parade - Co. Cork

13. Letterfinish - Co. Kerry

14. Gaggin - Co. Cork

15. Blue Ball - Co. Offaly

16. Horetown - Co. Wexford.

17. Kilbrittain - Co. Cork

18. Naad - Co. Cork


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