The 13 Moments That Prove The Craic Was Mighty Over The Weekend

The 13 Moments That Prove The Craic Was Mighty Over The Weekend

Is there anything better than Irish good weather? We all got a bit worked up when we discovered the weekend would be over 25 degrees.

"Jesus, the heat!", "God almighty, the heat!", "Isn't the heat unreal?" and "I'm sweating" were four of the most used phrases this weekend.

Not only was the heat unreal over the weekend but the events that took place were something else. Drinks at the canal turned into a nudist exhibition and people went mad at gigs all over the place.  Overall, it was just an unreal weekend.


At 3 pm a few thousand people stood outside Central Bank on Dame Street for the Rally to repeal the 8th amendment.

The Canal was Ibiza 2.0. Ireland found its mascot in the form of this legend of a man.

The 1975 played in Malahide Park and were supported by Irish band the Blizzards. The craic was had.


Fans went nuts for Robbie at the Aviva Stadium.


The Taste of Dublin continued on Sunday and Father's Day was actually sunny for once.


The sun continues to shine and the pictures from around the country are glorious.

Here's to another few days of good weather!

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