'Shortarse Feelerfish' Is Just One Of The Hilarious Names Given To Rare Aussie Fish

'Shortarse Feelerfish' Is Just One Of The Hilarious Names Given To Rare Aussie Fish

We never knew Australian fish names would remind us so much of home.

Researchers have discovered several new fish in the abyss of Australia over the course of 31 days. Some of the weird creatures discovered in the depths ranged from worms to flesh-eating crustaceans.

One fish, in particular, was given a very - eh - Irish sounding name. The fish is called the "Shortarse Feelerfish", which, according to Dr. O'Hara, we have a New Zealander to thank for. The reason for the name?  The Shortarse Feelerfishs anus is up around its mouth and nobody knows why. What a lickarse  great shout for a name!

"Zombie worms" were discovered feasting on the bones of an old whale on the expedition. The Faceless Man Fish was also rediscovered and the poor chap has no face.

Very few moments remind us of the iconic Live & Kicking but a fish named "Mr Blobby", the blobfish, was discovered in 2013 and named the Ugliest Fish in 2013. We're delighted to hear that the Blob is still relevant.


Fish, now known as "sea pigs", were discovered travelling in herds along the ocean floor. They survive by eating/ vacuuming the sea floor. They are named sea pigs because of their rounded bodies and curly like tails. The most x-rated peculiar of the researchers finds was this little pecker of a worm called the "peanut worm".

Dr. O'Hara said it was the first time the abyss off Australia's east coast had been surveyed and its inhabitants documented. The abyss and other deep water areas cover two-thirds of the ocean and are still relatively unknown.

"It's the number one habitat on the planet and yet we know so little about it... It's amazing terrain, it has all the features we see on land and it continues all the way up the coast".

We can't wait to see what other names they make up for these mad looking creatures! Why don't you suggest a few names in the comment section and give them a head start?

H/T: The Age

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