Watch: This Irish Emigrant's Call To Her Mother Is Every Skype Home Ever

Watch: This Irish Emigrant's Call To Her Mother Is Every Skype Home Ever

Living away from home can be really hard, especially when you're halfway across the world and miss all the things you love about Ireland. The green grass, the accents, your friends and family -- but most of all, the junk food. Tayto crisps, red lemonade, spice burgers are nowhere to be found beyond these shores, so it's up to the mammy to send a care package full of goodies to keep you sustained.

Cork native Holly Austin finds herself in this scenario while in America, bemoaning the fact that she doesn't have enough of the chocolate that she used to eat in Ireland. "He ATE all of the Galaxy Caramel," she complains to her mammy over Skype, aiming the blame at her American friend Keith. The conversation is so Irish you could cry.

We feel your pain, Holly. Every Irish person knows that feeling of not being to buy your favourite sweets and fizzy drinks from Ireland.

The conversation is a snippet from Missing You, a new six-part observational documentary series on RTE One filmed almost entirely using Skype video calls, the first it has ever been done in the world.


In a press release RTE said that the show "is a unique series about the lengths the Irish diaspora go to maintaining and nurturing relationships with their loved ones despite the thousands of miles between them. The show captures their stories and witnesses their relationships all through the confines of video calls. Viewers see first hand the intimacy, the honesty, the highs of everyday life, the lows, as well as the complexities of missing home."

Producer Sally Roden said the upcoming series is "no holds barred and we were able to capture some amazing stories over the course of the year and in incredibly intimate detail.”


Missing You starts on RTÉ One on Wednesday, June 7th at 8.30pm with the first episode currently available as a sneak peek on RTÉ Player.

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