The 15 Best Irish Teen Disco Songs Of All Time

The 15 Best Irish Teen Disco Songs Of All Time

Well, maybe just from the noughties...

Last week we gave you the first batch of songs that everyone who ever went to a teen disco in the noughties will remember. Up and down the country GAA clubs, tiny parish halls and fancy venues would host nights that became the calling card to our adolescence.

Reminiscing about these classic dancehall day songs I couldn't help but notice how very odd the majority of these videos are.  If most of the videos don't consist of a woman using some sort of building site equipment or a male singer with bleach blonde hair was it even from the noughties? Here are 15 of the ultimate teen disco songs that left us sweating and waiting in anticipation every Friday night.

Wigan Pier - 'Rhythm Is A Dancer'



Alex Gaudino feat Crystal Waters - Destination Calabria (HD)


Ntrance - Set You Free


Daft Punk - One More Time

Scooter - 'The Logical Song'


Dj Ironik - 'Stay With Me'

Darude - Sandstorm


DJ Sammy - Heaven

The Underdog Project - Summer Jam


Ultrabeat - 'Pretty Green Eyes'

Basshunter - 'All I Ever Wanted'


Special D - 'Come With Me'

Cascada - 'Everytime We Touch'


Ian Van Dahl - 'Castles in the Sky'

Guru Josh Project - 'Infinity'

Did you cringe too? What's your favourite Irish teen disco song?

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