It Looks Like 'Friends' Will Be Leaving Netflix Very Soon

It Looks Like 'Friends' Will Be Leaving Netflix Very Soon

Netflix, for now, is the holy grail of streaming but ever since the streaming service hit the big time other networks have decided to follow suit.

Now, Warner Media, the owners of shows like Friends, Girls, and True Detective, will be removing Friends and any Warner related material from Netflix.

The news comes as Warner Media plan on releasing their own streaming service. According to Digital Spy, media analyst Rich Greenfield said, "Content like Friends is likely to disappear from Netflix in 2019 as WarnerMedia launches its own SVOD service."

The streaming service will compete against Amazon, Netflix, Disney, and Hulu to become top dog in the rating war. Disney already revealed their plans to stream their own service which will include all of the Marvel movies and Disney classics as well as thousands of 21st Century Films.


The Warner media company owns HBO and Harry Potter which means the entire Harry Potter series should be available to stream on demand. The WMC streaming service is expected to launch in 2019 which means we've just enough time to learn off as many Joey quotes as we can.

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